Resurrecting a Hopelessly Damaged Gibson Lg-2: Part 3

  This article is part three in an ongoing series about repairing a severely damaged vintage Gibson LG-2. Please read parts one and two before reading this part, so you can appreciate how we got here. As you know, we left off last time needing to buy some materials and think for a … [Read more...]

Resurrecting a Hopelessly Damaged Gibson Lg-2: Part 1

Recently, I had a guitar land on bench that was extremely damaged, to the point that the previous owner couldn't afford to repair it. It seemed a shame to let this 60+ year go to waste, so I bought it and decided to document the EXTENSIVE repair process in a multi-part article. What follows is an … [Read more...]

Guitar Intonation Setup

Loosening the Saddle Lock

Have you ever wondered why your guitar sounds good on some chords but sounds out of tune on other chords? You checked your tuner and you are in tune, but the problem still persists. Maybe you asked yourself: is there a problem with the tuner? Is there a problem with my ears? Is there a problem with … [Read more...]

Pickup Height Adjustment

  Pickup height adjustment is a very simple procedure, yet not every guitarist knows about it. On the contrary, those who know how to adjust the pickup height do not even know the purpose for it—aside from the pickups to look good. There's a myth going around that "stock pickups" are … [Read more...]

Truss rod adjustment‏

Guitar Neck Relief Instructions

  The guitar neck is the most unstable part of a guitar. It is notorious for bending uncontrollably in any direction that it wishes to go. This “non-controllable” characteristic of the neck led to the development of the truss rod. There are few truss rod designs that are used in guitar … [Read more...]

Guitar Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

  A guitar that is properly maintained and cleaned is enhanced in its beauty and playability as well as increases its resale value. Never mind about that rock star image! Preventive maintenance is the key to avoid future problems and an expensive trip to a luthier. A frequently played … [Read more...]

Guitar Action Setup Guide

  Many guitar students complain that their guitar is hard to play or some of the strings are dead on some frets. They usually blame it on their guitar because they think that an inexpensive guitar is not likely to perform well. While this is true in most cases, even a “branded” and … [Read more...]

Guitar Neck Setup Guide

Guitar Neck Relief Instructions

  Neck setup refers to the method of aligning the neck and the body of a guitar. The ideal neck setup is when the neck is parallel with the strings and centered. The angle of the neck with respect to the body is also set to compensate the height of the bridge and the design of the guitar. … [Read more...]