Designing the Electric Guitar Body – a Guest Post By Leo Lospennato

Hello everybody, I want to welcome Leo Lospennato from "Lospennato Guitars" who was kind enough to write this guest post for our site and share with us one of the topics he teaches in his book "Electric Guitar and Electric Bass Design". Leo is an Italian/Argentinian luthier based in Berlin, … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Guitar Kit

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The time is right. You’ve been looking at guitar-oriented forums online for months now, and you need a summer project to keep yourself out of real trouble. You’ve always had an interest in guitars, and you’ve set up and maybe even changed out some parts in the guitar you’re using currently, … [Read more...]

Reasons For Building Your Own Guitar

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  I’ve been there—I’ve looked at high-end acoustic and electric guitars and said to  myself, “If I just bought the materials that were used to make one of those and put it together myself, I could save a huge amount of money.” That may or may not be the case. Let’s look at … [Read more...]

Building Your Own Guitar: A Guide to Different DIY Options

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  Why People Want to Build Their Own Guitars Guitars are built by specialists called luthiers. They are skilled in working with wood, as well as in understanding how every facet of building a guitar affects its playability, tone and aesthetics. A guitar is more than just a musical … [Read more...]

Jimmy Page Talks about his own Custom Gibson Les Paul

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